2. philosophyandthearts:

    Yelena Bryksenkova -Ghost

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  3. untrustyou:

    Daehyun Kim - Detached, 2014

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  4. blue-voids:

    Egon Schiele - Study of a Couple, 1912


  5. visuallycurious:

    Tristram Lansdowne

    The Visitor, 2013

    Watercolour on paper.

    22.75” x 30”

    Among my highlights of the Toronto International Art Fair, 2013.

    Represented by LE Gallery, of Toronto.

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  6. sonjabarbaric:

    Yue Minjun, Noah’s Ark, 2005

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  7. azurea:

    Body trap by Eleanor Davis


  8. asylum-art:

    Art Focus:Adam Lupton

    For this edition of our Art Focus feature, we present to you the work of Canadian artist Adam Lupton. Painted in oils, his portraiture oftentimes features multiple visages blurred together in a fragmented reality that seems to reflect the different struggles his subjects have with identity. Examples of this include different glimpses of a man dressing in drag and snapshots of another person putting on different masks

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  9. boyirl:

    29.7 × 42 cm, Pigment liner and marker on a paper, 2014



  11. 2headedsnake:

    Cam Floyd

    Synth Sense

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  12. fer1972:

    Illustrations by Miss Christine Wu

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  15. zenec:

    untitled by sarah nieman. on Flickr.

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